Cats In The News


Larry the Downing Street cat's political review of Westminster

But that’s my aunty's cat: Man's claim on 'stray' No 10 ratcatcher (… and there’s a Facebook campaign to get him back)

Larry the cat: Downing Street moggy 'gatecrashes' No 10 Kevin Spacey photocall

Larry the cat moves into 10 Downing Street

Does a cat's purr hold holistic powers?

Stow-away cat reunited with owner - delivered by Argos!

Britain’s first modern Antarctic expedition revisited in Scott Polar Museum exhibition (Lummo the expedition cat)

Street rat: No new cat to be taken on (Downing Street rats)

Cat saves family from house fire in Lincolnshire

Fine threat for lost cat posters in Bedford

Brave cat tests dogs' suitability


Psychic joins search for missing cat in Lincolnshire

Cat reported for frightening dog

Why mice fear the smell of cats

Derby cat rescue centre amazed at kitten survival

Bells on cats to 'help corncrake' on Western Isles

German man 'marries' his dying cat

Scottish wildcat seen on Mull 'may have swum to island'

Cat tipped out at recycling plant

Cameras capture secret life of the 'Highland tiger'

Family reunited with missing cat after six years

Leeds postal workers boycott house over cat attacks

Swiss ask whether animals need lawyers

Nottinghamshire woman stays in cage for charity

Rare Indian wild cats are caught on film

Rescue centre cat wedged in pet food can

More cat owners 'have degrees' than dog-

Fat cat from Newcastle comes second in diet contest

Book fame awaits Plymouth bus travelling cat

Missy the cat's life-saving £4,000 knee op in Surrey

Temple to cat god found in Egypt

Commuter cat Casper killed by car in Plymouth

Cat litter used to combat snow as salt supplies drop

2009 and earlier

Cat returns from Spain ferry trip

Feral cats to be pest controllers

RSPCA in squash tin cans to save cats call

Cat needs 'weight-watching owner'

'Cat litter' clean-up cost £50k

'Snatched cat' left on doorstep

Raider uses cat flap in break-in

Overweight cat in diet contest

Lost cat turns up 500 miles away

Cat is first to be diagnosed with OCD

How clever is your cat?

Pet-owners encouraged to buy earthquake kits for cats and dogs

Video: Nora the piano-playing cat

Cats' tale which leads to Germany


Cat alerts owner about house fire

Stowaway kitten to be taken home

Commuter cat is star of bus route (Casper)

Cats 'exploit' humans by purring

Mystery surrounds a feline felon

Poorly cat saved by hospital drug

Literary cat makes library visits

Cat found buried in wall of house

Purrrrfect ending for abandoned cat - Ginger and Albertine at Normanby Hall

Cat-in-engine fire crew get award

Cat in the Park


Cat woman collects birthday tins

Car engine dismantled to free cat


Goodbye to a famous cat

Skittles the cat burglar has a line in clothes

Portuguese cat out of quarantine


Cat survives 40-mile lorry ride

Cat helps deliver town's letters

Cat home after two year 'holiday'

Bristolian smitten with kittens - The Moggery

Bush White House mourns First Cat


Soggy moggy in great drain escape

Cat turns up on weatherman's set

Mice suspected in deadly cat fire

EU bans trade in dog and cat furs

Two rare Amur leopard cubs born

Cat survives ordeal of box tomb

Polydactyl cat seeks a good home

Cat bells to prevent bag thieves

Barking mad: Owners of obese dogs and fat cats could face jail under controversial new rules

Pet owners face code of practice

The DEFRA Consultation on the Code of Practice for the Welfare of Cats - the closing date for comments is 31 December 2008.

Paloma, Paola and Pacito join the cotton-tops

Saudi police to enforce pet curbs

Missing cat reunited after a year

Stowaway cat's five-day road trip

Police appeal over 'cat burglar'

Honour for the UK's Top Cat at This Year's Feline Oscars!

National award for remarkable cat - Cat-tastic Speedy's reactions a lifeline for teenager

Cat hitches ship ride from Taiwan

Saudi police to enforce pet curbs

Last cat saved from Olympic site

Web's Most Popular Cat Still Feline Lonely


Stowaway kitten up for award

Missing kitten unites community

Animation Kitten to Become Honorary Freeman

Lion cub lives with zoo director

Close shave for Freddy the feline

Not even curiosity could finish this cat

Cat pee makes male mice macho, females swoon


Missing cat is spotted on webcam

Five-legged cat to lose two paws

Cat complaint on hospital hygiene

Cat Racks Up Frequent flyer Miles

Lifeless cat revived after blaze

Condensation saves imprisoned cat

Burglar feeds cat before leaving


Plea to help 100 cats at factory

Three survive fire started by cat

Owner sought of hitch-hiking cat

Cat Bells help shoppers deter thieves

Postmen complain of cat attacks

Monkey mothers orphaned kitten

How I miss my funny marmalade coloured shadow

Simon the heroic ship's cat is remembered

Two women on quest to set up cat cafés


Franny's Christmas Wish

Special kitty needs a home, shelter says

'Fido Bag' aids firefighters in resuscitating dogs, cats

The 12 cats of Christmas: Your love would be purrfect gift

Lolcat Bible Translation Project presents the Gospel according to Fluffy

Kitten vs. bulldozer story has happy ending

Is that a cat on your Christmas tree?

Cats enjoy Christmas trees, too

Cat's return best Christmas gift ever


Cat missing three years comes home for the holidays

Pet World Records

Cloned cats glow in the dark

Cat, 26, could be record breaker

Your cat needs his personal heating gear, too

Cat saves a life for shopkeeper in fire

Cat box filler leads police to burglar

Cat spends 44 days behind cupboard

Olympic cats 'could be crushed'

Rescued cats have special home for the holidays

Satisfying for the whole family: Habitat for Cats cookbook

Death-cheating cat dubbed bionic


Cat recruited at police station

Sgt Podge's travels

Genetically modified mice fearless of cats

Cat hospital offers sanctuary for fussy felines

Italians Fight For The Right To Love Black Cats (Black Cat Day)

Cats 'killed by flea treatment'

Owner collects lager delivery cat

Cat joins exclusive genome club

War time hero cat Simon remembered

Call for national pet blood bank

Hermitage Palace is cat's whiskers

Pope's story through eyes of cat

No 10 gets new feline first lady (Sybil)

Can pets sense illness?

Top dog rescues a kitten

Stowaway French kitten rescued in Amersham

How much is the kitty in the window? $22,000

Cat recruited to patrol station